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TideRx for Apple iOS releasing in the United States and Canada: New Hope for Stopping the Opioid Epidemic?

CDC and U.S. Surgeon General reports show that since 1999, opioid prescription sales have tripled and opioid-related deaths have quadrupled, yet there is still no national narcotic prescription authority capable of effectively issuing and monitoring prescriptions.

RESTON, Va. - Oct. 1, 2017 - As TideRx goes on sale in the App Store in the United States and Canada, APIS Point, LLC, is taking action towards their TurnTheTideRx pledge by releasing TideRx.

The U.S. fills 249 million narcotic prescriptions per year, all of which are handwritten to comply with DEA prescription controls. Monitoring narcotic prescriptions for abuse and authenticity is an increasingly difficult task, as healthcare professionals must contend with outdated systems. To commemorate the U.S. launch of TideRx, APIS Point is challenging clinicians, pharmacists, and law makers to reimagine how narcotic prescriptions can be regulated, and to adopt the TideRx system nationwide.

Although many states have adopted prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs), there are growing concerns regarding their effectiveness at preventing common tactics of prescription fraud, including pill mill networks, prescription pad theft and forgery, cross-state drug seeking, and animal abuse to obtain opioids.

With the increasing amount of fraudulent narcotic prescriptions, pharmacists are often the last line of defense when determining if a prescription is valid. Pharmacists must then rely on their own judgement, a responsibility that results in an unhealthy dose of prescriber and patient suspicion.

The TideRx mobile application is a different kind of prescription experience designed to stop prescription theft and forgery, provide prescription verification and authentication, and bring law makers real-time insight into prescription creation and fulfillment patterns. APIS Point has designed a mobile experience that is simple, frictionless, and affordable. TideRx moves the basic everyday task of carrying blank prescriptions to the mobile device where modern technologies can help decrease common methods of prescription abuse. With coordinated efforts, we can turn the tide on the opioid epidemic where it begins -- the prescription.

More information on the TideRx system, including a link to TideRx on the App Store, can be found at http://tiderx.com

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